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• Highest breaking strength of the tubing lines we offer

• Crush resistant

• Abrasion resistant

• Greater surface area


One of the most important ropes on a workover rig is the tubing line. It operates on the main drawworks and is reeved through the traveling block for handling tubing and rod. ULTRA-FLEX TL is the premier tubing line designed for this application. 

ULTRA-FLEX TL has a unitized design and all strands are closed in a single operation as an integral unit. Internal voids are all but eliminated and the result is an increased metallic surface area of the rope which makes it stronger and more crush resistant. 

In addition, each strand is compacted during the stranding process which is an extra step our competition typically does not perform before swaging. The extra compaction process before swaging provides a product that is more resistant to internal degradation.

ULTRA-FLEX TL Strength and Weights Chart (inches)

Approx. Weight
Minimum Breaking Force
(tons of 2000 lbs)

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