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  • Fabricated from high strength aramid fiber for maximum strength-to-diameter ratio and low stretch for safety.
  • High strength/low stretch stranded fiber core construction
  • Double protective jacketing:
    Inner braided polyester jacket
    Outer urethane coating
  • Spliced eyes furnished as soft eyes reinforced with high tenacity fiber or with optional wire rope thimbles (“hard eyes”)
  • Standard colors are black or orange. Other colors available upon request.
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TufTow towing lines offer the strength and low stretch of steel wire rope at a fraction of the weight. These products are ideal replacements for steel wire rope or chain.

TufTow tow ropes are available in the following sizes:

Part Number (Dia.) Weight RBS
in mm lb/ft kg/m lb kN
1 25 0.4 0.5 100,000 445
1 1/2 38 0.6 0.9 210,000 934
1 3/4 44 0.9 1.3 310,000 1,379
2 3/4 70 1.8 2.7 590,000 2,624
3 76 2.5 3.7 830,000 3,692

Other sizes and colors available upon request.

TufTow towing ropes are spliced to order.  Please specify:

  1.  Finished Roped Length (eye to eye)
  2. Thimbled eye or soft eye (standard)
  3. If soft eye, specify size if other than standard.

Standard eye opening dimensions:

  • Length = 10 x rope diameter
  • Width = 5 x rope diameter


TufTow rope care: All ropes are subject to wear. To maximize the life of your TufTow products, avoid rope-on-rope abrasion. Do not use the TufTow rope in choke, use proper sized tow lugs and avoid sharp edges. Store away from vehicle roadways and protect from rodents.

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