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  • Eliminates occurrences of shockloading
  • More metallic area per cross-section
  • Compacted strands throughout
  • Superior fatigue resistance through strand configuration
  • Increased break strength and efficiency
  • Upgraded wire technology
  • Inherently more fatigue resistant than standard wires



TUF-MAX® PLUS is the world’s first fully compacted shovel rope providing exceptional resistance to bending fatigue and superior protection from shock-loading.

With its revolutionary core design, TUF-MAX PLUS will outperform any other shovel rope on the market. The rope has compacted strands throughout,

resulting in more metallic area than other shovel rope designs. The most fatigue-resistant ropes we offer for shovel hoist applications, TUF-MAX PLUS was specifically designed with upgraded wire technology for heavy compaction and harsh working conditions.

TUF-MAX PLUS Strength and Weights Chart (inches)

Approx Weight
Minimum Breaking Force
(tons of 2000 lb)
2 1/410.2259
2 3/811.3288
2 1/212.8317
2 5/814.1348
2 3/414.8379
2 7/816.2412