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  • Greater fatigue resistance over standard 6 strand ropes
  • Dual coated core prevents internal nicking and notching
  • Excellent surface mining shovel hoist rope

TUF-MAX® ropes are the most fatigue-resistant ropes we offer for shovel hoist applications. These ropes provide increased abrasion resistance. Such advantages, combined with the qualities of an 8-strand rope and the toughness of PFV® ropes, result in maximum service for more digging time between rope changes.

TUF-MAX was designed and manufactured specifically to be the premier rope for the mining industry. Features built into the rope, and proven in the field include:

  • Proprietary design: Wire chemistries, lay lengths, strand clearances and other critical features to producing a high performing shovel hoist rope were built into every TUF-MAX product.

  • Plastic impregnated: Coming from the originator of impregnated wire rope, TUF-MAX’s design and production assures the most thorough penetration of polymer plastic throughout its cross-section to minimize internal stresses and fatigue. It also provides all the benefits of cleanliness and external wear resistance of PFV ropes.

  • Consistent: Each foot of TUF-MAX is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and inspected to assure top performance with every set.

TUF-MAX Strength and Weights Chart (inches)

Approx Weight
Minimum Breaking Force
1 1/24.1228,000
1 5/84.9264,000
1 3/4 5.8306,000
1 7/86.6348,000
2 1/88.4442,000
2 1/49.8494,000
2 3/810.9548,000
2 1/211.7604,000
2 5/812.4662,000
2 3/413.4722,000
2 7/815.3784,000

Union, a WireCo WorldGroup brand, produces wire rope and special rope assemblies for a variety of applications – each with their own exacting specifications. We employ the most experienced, talented, licensed engineers in the industry to design solutions for your application. Nine manufacturing operations and seven distribution centers in North America, plus manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland and Portugal, give our customers unparalleled support and global reach. Find out for yourself why Union wire ropes have proven themselves time and time again in the field. Union: Tested, Tough & True.