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Starlift Xtra

  • Category 1, rotation resistant rope 
  • Maximum strength per diameter 
  • Can be used with a swivel 
  • Crush resistant
Starlift XtraStarlift Xtra

The latest high performance rotation-resistant rope designed and manufactured by CASAR Germany, a member of WireCo WorldGroup.

Starlift Xtra™, the new high performance rotation resistant rope, replaces Union's Flex-X 35 product line, and meets the highest Minimum Breaking Forces requested in the crane rope market. Starlift Xtra provides the user unique characteristics as a hoist rope.

The following information outlines the crucial operating characteristics and discusses why Starlift Xtra is the rope of choice in many applications.

Starlift Xtra is the strongest of all ropes in the high performance rotation-resistant product line.  The links below show the superior values of Starlift Xtra.

Rotation Resistance (Non-Rotating)
The balanced design of Starlift Xtra results in minimal torque under load, providing superior rotation resistance. Under a normal working load range, Starlift Xtra has virtually no tendency to rotate, making it ideal for both single-part and multi-part hoist systems but also for those involving long falls where rotation resistance is required.

Starlift Xtra meets both the Category 1 requirements according to ASTM A1023 and the general guidance on the use of a swivel given in Annex A ISO 21669. Due to its superior rotation resistant properties, Starlift Xtra may be used with a swivel.

Resistance to Wear
The multi-strand design of Starlift Xtra combined with compacted strands and lang lay construction helps to maximize resistance to wear by greatly increasing wire and strand surface areas that contact sheaves and drums. Internally, the enhanced surfaces of the compacted strands help minimize strand-to-strand nicking between strand layers. This feature results in greater resistance to fatigue.

Resistance to Crushing and Abrasion on Drums
The characteristics of Starlift Xtra enhance its performance in multiple-layer spooling as well. The design of Starlift Xtra provides excellent resistance to both abrasion and scrubbing that occurs at kickover areas and crushing that occurs at the crossover points in multiple-layer drum spooling. The rope construction combined with the compacted strand design of Starlift Xtra results in a rope cross-section of very high density. These features provide increased resistance to drum-related wear.

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