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PowerMax® PFV PLUS


  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Reduced coefficient of friction between rope and overburden
  • Improved performance
  • Keeps lubricant in, allowing internal movement between wires and strands


PowerMax® PFV PLUS

PowerMax® PFV PLUS is plastic impregnated with plastic polymer applied at high pressure which cushions the strands, distributes internal stresses, keeps in wire rope lubricant and keeps out dirt and debris. This polymer doesn’t melt or soften from the heat of normal operating temperatures. It’s also virtually unaffected by sunlight and cold weather.

An 8-strand wire rope created to provide operating characteristics essential to drag ropes, PowerMax PFV PLUS is only available from Union.  Our proprietary metallurgy was utilized in developing special rod chemistry requirements to provide optimum wire characteristics for mining ropes. The technology combines all aspects of rope manufacturing in one cohesive process that assures a product that’s second to none.

With eight outer strands, PowerMax PFV PLUS is more fatigue resistant than 6-strand ropes of the same diameter, plus, its greater surface area puts plastic in touch with contact surfaces, reducing wear and abrasion.

PowerMax PFV PLUS is part of Union’s PowerMax PLUS family of products for drag ropes which also includes PowerMax PLUS and PowerMax MD PLUS. The PowerMax PLUS family of ropes are designed to increase the frequency between resockets and end-for-ends, in order to reduce downtime and increase production. Field tests have validated the ropes' ability to resist wire wear and reduce operational expenditures associated with drag rope maintenance and downtime.

PowerMax PFV PLUS Strength and Weights Chart (inches)

Minimum Breaking Force
(tons of 2000 lbs)
2 3/810.5274
2 1/211.7302
2 5/812.9331
2 3/414.1361
2 7/815.4392
3 1/818.2458
3 1/419.7492
3 3/821.3529
3 1/222.9564
3 5/824.5602
3 3/426.2641
3 7/828.0680
4 1/831.7762
4 1/433.7803
4 3/835.7846
4 1/237.7890
4 5/839.9934
4 3/442.0978
4 7/844.31025