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The mining environment is extremely severe—one of the roughest you’ll find anywhere. But Union’s boom pendants are made to withstand it time after time.

Our Tuf-Strand structural strand boom pendants are produced with precise manufacturing techniques to overcome the harsh conditions found in your mining applications. Union’s galvanized structural strand for boom pendants features “Unit Lay Core Design.” The unit lay design of the core utilizes a multilayer, single operation strand core. The single operation provides optimum wire support by maximizing the surface area between wire-to-wire contact.

Union's Ara-Boom mid-boom pendants are parallel aramid fiber ropes with a heavy braided polyester jacket covered with a thick urethane outer coating. These pendants have demonstrated an extended service life and are lighter and easier to handle than structural strand boom pendants.

LankoMine S and LankoMine D are synthetic pendants designed and manufactured by our Lankhorst Ropes brand with Dyneema DM20 fiber. These synthetic pendants increase service life and are lighter and easier to handle during installation than structural strand.

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