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Eye RA-2482

  • Easily aligns to any plane
  • Made with durable corrosion-resistant stainless steel, grade 303Se or 305
  • Stamped and formed to dimension
  • View Dimensions Chart
Eye RA-2482

Designed for use with the TUF-GRIP MS-20664 Single Shank Ball fitting, as well as in combination with Fork RA-2500.  Measure the length from the center of the pin hole to the end of the fitting. 

You may specify custom designs of these fittings, but they are not intended for military applications. Make certain you have the compatible ball and shank (see chart) for these custom designs.

Dimensions for Eye RA-2482

Part No.NAS No.Rope Dia.RHMGD
SP 1-2NAS 1435E-2 1/161 1/16.454.188.0880.375
SP 1-3NAS 1435E-3 3/321 1/2 .616.188.1030.4375
SP 1-4NAS 1435E-4 1/8 1 5/8 .638.188.1900.5
SP 1-5NAS 1435E-5 5/321 15/16.699.250.1970.5625
SP 1-6NAS 1435E-6 3/162 3/16.750.313.2550.6875

All dimensions are in inches.

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