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Metallic Area/Elastic Stretch Calculator

This calculates the metallic cross-sectional area in a rope and then uses this information to calculate elastic stretch in a rope that occurs under load.  Click here to view our Metallic Area/Elastic Stretch Calculator.

Block Stability Calculator

This determines if the reeving system in a hoist block will be stable (no block twisting) or unstable (block twisting will occur).  Click here to view our Block Stability Calculator.

Choker Rated Capacity Calculator

This calculates the rated capacity for a sling used in a choker hitch.  Click here to view our Choker Rated Capacity Calculator.

Drum Capacity Calculator

This calculates how much rope of a given diameter can be spooled onto a reel of a given size.  Click here to view our Drum Capacity Calculator.

Metric Conversion for Standard Rope Diameters

This shows the metric size equivalent to imperial rope diameters.  Click here to view our Metric Conversion for Standard Rope Diameters.

Sling Calculator

This calculates the capacity of a wire rope sling based on the type of rope used in the sling and the angles at which the sling is used.  Click here to view our Sling Calculator.