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Case Study

To meet oil sands industry leaders’ need for a better rope design for their shovels, our engineering experts took the mining rope standard, Union brand TUF-MAX®. This industry solution maintains superior performance under the unusual rigors of the oil sands environment — up to 40 percent more rope service life over other shovel ropes.

Corporations involved in the Canadian oil sands production forecast an increase of as many as 100 additional shovels within the next decade. TUF-MAX® ropes, along with Union’s 4” boom pendants, will keep this growing number of shovels operating efficiently and profitably for years to come.

Your business is to UNEARTH; ours is to supply your global, mission-critical wire rope needs for your mining operations.

The mining industry relies on being able to access the world’s scarce resources in the most cost-effective way possible. We deliver the most durable wire rope products when and where you need them most. Count on extraordinarily tough Union ropes, and the engineering expertise to extend your mining reach.

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